Pittsburgh Regional Transit (formerly Pittsburgh Port Authority) had the need to find a production company equipped to help take care of all their media needs for coverage of a variety of their events throughout the year. PRT put out a proposal request for a capable production company in the Pittsburgh Area.¬† Cut ‘N’ Run was awarded a multiple year contract.


Cut ‘N’ Run currently works with PRT staff to coordinate live event coverage, promotional videos, training videos, and anything else that involves media coverage and audio visual components.

PRT was in demand of a team who is quick to respond. From one camera press release, to training videos, to full multi-camera events and drone footage, Cut ‘N’ Run is the all-encompassed media team they need to support their marketing endeavors.

Cut ‘N’ Run works closely with PRT’s marketing team and their internal media team. The CNR team provides live stream coverage for their major occasions. We also capture interviews and cinematic footage of a variety of events for PRT throughout the year. Cut ‘N’ Run provides edits and also hands over recorded content to PRT’s internal media team for them to edit and post to their social media as desired.¬†


PRT now has a multimedia production company they can rely on to promptly execute their visions, reach their marketing goals and take the weight of producing content off their shoulders so they can focus on other tasks.

Multiple community events, park dedications, award ceremonies, documentaries¬† are all captured and produced by Cut ‘N’ Run.


Pittsburgh Regional Transit has confided in Cut ‘N’ Run for years to deliver quality products ranging from public service announcements to documentary-style pieces. The videos end up in a variety of destinations including their website, our YouTube and Vimeo pages, and depending on the type of event, even a flash drive for families to keep for years to come.