Two separate fields have begun to more successfully integrate over the past decade.  Video has become vital for law firms and the legal industry. While some legal companies seek to have their own department, others often allocate work to video production entities. Whether law firms utilize inhouse or outsourced services, videos are imperative to any lawyer’s stature and commercial operation. The necessity for video production services are numerous and include legal business marketing, , depositions, mediation statements, evidence recording, and even large documentary productions.
Law firms must convey a sense of professionalism and also express empathy and trust to audiences. Creative scripts and high definition video can be the difference in attracting or repelling potential clients. An amateur commercial can display a negative image of a law firm which is why it is so important for law firms to have professional videographers handle their marketing needs. . Image and trust are obtained through the quality of legal services and video production value.
Court videoed projects are required to meet certain set standards by the Council of the National Court Reporters Association. Unexperienced videographers may make a mistake that could result in videos becoming inadmissible to a case.
Mediation statements can produce quicker settlements through visual display of evidence, injury, and damages. Documents cannot express active and/or punitive damages in the same light as a video showing concrete explanation, testimony, and b-roll. Editing and music also can add needed emotion to a video while still delivering the legal motivations behind a case.
In our previous blog, we discuss the surge in Internet video over television commercials, as more than 85% of Internet users now view online video content. Website videos have become a standard marketing tool even outside the legal community. With the constant adaption to technology, law firms require an appropriate source for video creative services. The recognition of this common partnership will produce greater cost efficiency and organization within the legal industry.