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Why Video Editing is Imperative

Imperative Video Editing
There is an entire process that goes into creating a successful videography production. One of the most crucial steps of this process is completing accurate video editing. A properly edited and well done production provides for a better ending result and increased digital marketing capabilities overall. By editing already captured video footage, the creator is able to eliminate unnecessary scenes, rearrange others, and tweak any other imperfections in order to produce nothing but a video that well delivers its message successfully.
Edit to Make Scenes of the Video Flow
Rather than a continual recording of events (as if a vintage home-movie) edit out certain shots and scenes that do not add to the film’s development. This will help to produce a flow of organized scenes and improve on storyline quality overall.
Edit for Strengthening the Video’s Storyline
Scenes can also be re-arranged to more appropriately represent the theme of the film. When a video is properly edited to best express the storyline, the primary and sub-themes are able to fully develop with scenes that make the film flow (rather than slowly move forward with no set direction).
Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is an electronic method of promoting and selling a certain product, service, et cetera… This method of online promotions and sales uses digital means, from the internet to television and smartphones in between, which often incorporate professional videos as the main means of delivering the business’s message. The digital marketing aspect of videography is one of several reasons why video editing is important in an industrial setting as well.
Video editing is the best tool that can be used for creating a seamless film that flows with a strong storyline and is complete with aspects that make the film suitable for digital marketing methods. Whether you are making a professional film or a casual video, video editing will greatly enhance audience interest, and video quality overall. Contact us today at Cut ‘N’ Run Productions for more information on proper video editing.

The Importance of a Video Production Strategy

Video Production Strategy
There are many reasons why it is important and effective to use a video production strategy for revealing your company’s desired information. A production strategy is a plan that envelopes various audiences through a meticulous video making process. With video production available to express your desired business information, you will greatly increase the traffic of people searching your topic and coming to your business.
Appeal to Different Types of People for Your Business
Not everyone perceives information in the same way. Some people need video aids to help them interpret information. By having a video production strategy expressing your business information, as well as other means, the information automatically becomes more approachable and understanding to more types of people. One video, for instance, supplies both visual and auditory supplement for expressing the point of the production, making it more relatable to various audiences.
Increase Reachability of Your Business Information
When someone is researching for information related to what you are trying to express, also having a videography option available to search will automatically increase reachability. Search engine results display websites and articles, but they also display videography link results as well. If you have a video production strategy for making your company’s information, it is an additional link for search engines to direct topic searchers to. This automatically increases the reachability of the company’s information.
Make Your Business Information Shareable
A video production strategy for your corporate information will also transform the information into being shareable. People talk about articles they have recently read, businesses sites they have searched, but that is the limit to sharing such information.
Contact us at Cut ‘N’ Run Productions for more information on video production strategies and other production services. We take care of the entire pre-production, production, and video delivery process to give you the best, most professional video for your business.

The Golden Rules of Video Production

Live Video Production
Video production may be creative fun, but there are actually a few golden rules to proper video production. By incorporating the following guidelines from our Pittsburgh video production services at Cut ‘N’ Run, and adding your own creative story, your video production will be a success.
Define Your Audience
Until you define your audience, it is difficult to know how to express the direction your video is going in. Think about what kinds of people you are aiming to reach. Are your video viewers children, adults, or of an age in between, for instance? Then, ponder the best way to target those specific people. Without first knowing whom it is your trying to reach, there would be no way to begin figuring out the best way to reach them.
Make an Emotional Connection
Once you know your audience type and how to reach them, you must ensure that your video production connects emotionally with your audience. Once one feels related to something—especially something deep, such as sharing an emotion—one automatically becomes attached and intrigued by it. To make a connection by sharing a story’s emotion with those you are making the video for, it to successfully have your story shared, recognized and related to.
Show, Don’t Tell
The best way to relay your story is to show your audience the story, rather than tell them the story. For instance, if you are contemplating on a scene of dialogue of skipping to the point through narration, in most cases it is best to go with using dialogue. Instead of telling your audience that he said, “This,” and she said, “That,” show the scene of these characters having a conversation (unless it is useless information which does not support the story line at all, in that case it is not even needed). Basically, if you show your story and make a connection, it will tell itself. Yet, if you tell your story, it does not always show your intent nor make emotional connections.
Video production is great for both personal and professional creations. Pittsburgh business videos are an appealing way to advertise your business and its message. Videos are also a great way to support a cause, promote anything, and simply for creative fun. No matter what your goal is with your video production, if you follow the above golden rules us at Cut ‘N’ Run have provided, your video will be on its way to success.

Why Should My Company Make Videos?

Should My Company Make Videos?
With technology and the internet advancing and increasing each day, keeping up with your business’s image online is imperative. If your business is online and running already, you are off to a good start. But how can you do more to promote your business? Have business videos made with Cut ‘N’ Run productions. Videography online is not only for music videos or YouTube how-to clips. Business videos are becoming increasingly popular and effective for many different types of businesses, in many different ways. Here are a few ideas on what business videos from Cut ‘N’ Run Productions can do for you.
Instructional Videos
Providing an instructional gateway for your business (how to get to its location, navigate the business web site, et cetera…) to your clients and customers is a great way to reach them online and provide answers to possible inquiries they may have.
Company Updates
Business videos which inform viewers of company news and updates are a great online source for clients and customers to go to for finding out what is currently going on with your business. From general news and updates, to sales and more, clients like to stay in the know about your business just as much as you do.
Communication to Clients and Customers
When you have an immediately available, online source to your business it makes clients and customers feel better kept in the loop. Business videos produced by Cut ‘N’ Run are a great way to stay in good communication standing with clients and customers.
Increased Web Presence
Along with these benefits for your clients, online posted business videos will increase your business’s web presence. From search engines to the business website itself, adding a business video online to be associated with your business will greatly increase your company’s presence online.
The list of different reasons and benefits as to why your business should have its own business video could go on. Having a business video made with Cut ‘N’ Run Productions is an extra step to promoting your business and having it known everywhere, through the web. Since Cut ‘N’ Run Productions has quickly advanced from a standard video production company to a fully equipped multi-media production business over the past 10 years, you can be sure that your business video will be professional and of the best standards. Start filming today!

Live Streaming Public Speaking Events Increase Audiences

Public Speaking Events
Many companies are now turning to live streaming corporate or educational speaking engagements for far-flung audiences. They are also recording them for future use, either for free, for a flat fee, or for a subscription base that they communicate with regularly.
From sales presentations, to sermons, to corporate quarterly reports, a live streaming presentation for a public speaker can open your audience and allow them to view it at that moment—or later on. Live streaming production services offer you a lot of options for your brand. Whether you’d like to introduce a new product or service, educate a group of people on a certain issue, or discuss the latest news for your company’s employees, you can develop a presentation that can earn a profit or that can raise awareness.
Our public speaking live streaming events have included talks, speeches and discussions at:
  • Conferences
  • Training seminars
  • Orientations
  • Awards banquets
  • Online courses    
  • And many more events
Experienced Studios Can Produce for Your Live Streaming Public Speaking Event
A studio should offer you professional streaming video for your speaking presentation that can include music, multimedia, commercials, interviews, and more. If you let the studio know what your goals are with the live presentation, they should be able to help you decide if the event should be streamed live or for free.
Offer Your Speaking Engagement for Free
Many government and non-profit organizations promote services, products, and educational events through live streaming. It’s an easy way for media to watch and report on the latest in the world of technology and other sectors. You can add a username and password screen that only allows certain people to view the presentation live or to view it later on-demand. If you have sponsors, they can be highlighted through audio and video at the beginning and end of the streaming video, or they can be added to commercials.
Offer Your Speaking Engagement for a Fee for a Main Audience or Subscribers
Many companies or group use live streaming to generate a profit from audiences who can’t be there in person. Your audience simply inputs their credit card information, and then they are given access to view your public speaker. You can choose to provide an entire conference to your viewers, or just let them choose certain sessions that interest them.
Of course, you should also have the ability to have your event streamed to any mobile-friendly device. With smart phones and tablets used for a majority of browsing, this simple feature will help to increase your audience.
Cut ‘N’ Run Studios near downtown Pittsburgh can live stream your educational, non-profit, or corporate public speaking event. We have years of experience and can help you set up an informational and profitable engagement. Call or contact us today.

Increase Your Audience During Live MMA Broadcasts

Live MMA Broadcasts
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) live events generate huge audiences—and incredible revenue. Streaming an MMA live event will bring a much wider audience to your event and keep them watching during the entire fight. This is important not only for the sport, but for the promoters. The longer your audience watches, the more advertising they’ll see from your sponsors.
How to Choose an Experienced Studio for Live MMA Events
If you’d like to live stream your MMA event to your website (and maybe you’d like to offer special content to subscribers or create an on-demand video), you should look for a studio and staff:
Who Have Experience Streaming Live Broadcasts
The right streaming production company will draw in larger and more diverse paying audiences. Many companies are new to the streaming world, and don’t have a background in video production. In our experience, video production knowledge is critical to streaming live events. Be sure to ask a studio how many events they’ve streamed and what their video production background is like. Also ask to see several of the shows they have streamed online. These shows should include graphics, promotions, interactive elements (such as asking the audience to tweet about viewing the fight, along with a particular hashtag), interviews of MMA fighters, and sponsor commercials, to name a few.
Who Have a One-Stop Shop
Choose a studio that will not only record and stream your live MMA broadcasts, but will handle all of the graphics, commercials, promotions, and sound effects. There’s no reason to hire piecemeal production staff for different services when just one experienced studio will do. Cut ‘N’ Run Studios handles all aspects of a live streaming MMA event, from DVEs, to stingers, to instant replays.
Who Have a System in Place for Live Streaming Capabilities
Quality live streaming is dependent not only on staff, but also on specialized equipment. We use this equipment to keep your live production running smoothly while streaming your event to anywhere in the world. We can also produce pay-per-view and on-demand options that allow subscribers to watch the event on their computer or any mobile device.
Don’t leave your live MMA event in the hands of an inexperienced video studio. Use a professional, experienced, and reputable company like Cut ‘N’ Run Studios that has years of experience with live streaming video services for MMA fights.

Live Streaming Trump’s Video for Entertainment

Live Streaming
If you’re trying to reach a new audience, but have a limited budget and equipment, live streaming is a great way to attract more people to your event or presentation. It’s budget-friendly, but can get you incredible results. Our Pittsburgh live streaming clients like the options that live-streaming and on-demand video offers.
Live Streaming and On-Demand Advantages
Reach a Wider Audience for a Fraction of the Price
You can connect with thousands of new people using live streaming services. You’re no longer limited to only those who are at an event or gathering. Now, anyone with a computer, tablet, or smart phone can view your event. Instead of advertising an event and hoping that people show up, you can offer an audience a convenient second option: watch professional video from wherever you are.
Generate Revenue
An audience can watch your event live, and if you’d like, they can pay for that privilege. Streaming large sporting events, dance recitals, and school musical and theater productions can help you offset the costs of running these kinds of shows. You can also make your event a subscription or on-demand option by giving them the opportunity to view events, shows, or presentations later at set price. It’s another way to subsidize costs. Additionally, you can promise sponsors prominent commercials or advertisements on any of these videos.
Bring Your Audience Together
If you are showcasing an event that you want an audience to see live—like a wedding, concert, or football game—streaming video services are an easy way to include those both near and far. Instead of just the people in the room, the auditorium, or stadium, you’ll instead be able to allow folks overseas (or anywhere) to see exactly what everyone else is seeing. For those who can’t travel due to health, financial constraints, or military service, live streaming gives them the opportunity to be a part of the action—or of the moment.
Professionally Capture Important Moments
Many entertainment or sporting events take place on a field or a stage. It’s a very large area to cover, and requires a multi-camera set up with refined audio control. Professional video also can include live edits, commentators, graphics, text, and sponsor and commercial production. It can be done on-the-spot or added later for on-demand text, and can be used in place of video that was once only saved to DVD. For instance, if you need a video that will be sent to a college sports recruiting department, you don’t have to create DVDs anymore. You just need a video with the right footage that you can put on your website with a link. The process is now streamlined and professional—and available on any device.
If you need professionally-edited videos of live events or ones that can be called up on demand, contact Cut ‘N’ Run Studios. We cover many Pittsburgh events, as well as any in Eastern Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, or other nearby states.

Need to Improve your Video Production Quality?

Online video marketing is driving customer behavior today. Are you leveraging video as part of your strategy?
Video is the way to go.
Not only are more consumers choosing to watch video over other content formats (studies show 80% in fact), more than half of them take action after viewing the advertisement. And, once you invest the time and money to create one video, it can live online forever, being viewed countless times for years. That’s the power of video marketing.
But how do you keep the consumer interested? Keep them watching? Here are some tips to improving the quality of video production so that your marketing content stands out from the rest.
1. Tell a story—make it catchy.
During the planning phase, write a script that is original and creative.
  • What’s your hook?
  • Draw a storyboard and create a shot list.
  • Be choosy when casting actors for your video. Are they forcing their lines or do they deliver their dialogue in a natural way? This attention to detail is critical.
  • When it comes time to write content to attract viewers, use a catchy title.
  • Have all details well mapped out before the day you film so that no time is wasted with logistics.
  • Consider the set and match it to the concept. If your set is not an office, don’t shoot the video in an office and try to disguise it as something else. It will look fake and you’ve lost the viewer. Pay attention to these details.
2. Content, content, content!
Develop the story with informative, relevant content. You might have all of the other details worked out, but if the actual content of the video misses the mark, you’ve blown it.
  • How-to’s are an excellent way to deliver relevant content that viewers gravitate toward.
  • Position yourself as a subject matter expert so the viewer walks away having gained specific information. They’ll come back for more.
  • Consider shooting a series of content-rich videos. The goal is to attract viewers and keep them coming back for more. A series is a great strategy for building on your brand identity.
3. Get the production right the first time.
By focusing on all of the production details as you shoot, you’ll save time by lessening the need to re-shoot or edit later. What are the key elements of production?

  • Sound quality—how do the actors sound on set? Do you have lapel microphones for seated actors?
  • Lighting—are there shadows? Is the footage over exposed? Under exposed?
  • Tripod—is it level? Be sure the sound quality on set is good and be prepared to use lapel microphones for seated actors.
  • Camera—is it focused? Are you positioning the actor according to the rule of thirds? This means you don’t want to center the person’s head while they’re speaking, for example, but have them slightly off-center. Not only does it look better, it gives you room to display branding on the other side or their name, title, and company.
4. Include a call to action.
Edit your video as part of post-production. Is your content indeed targeted to the audience you’ve intended? Is it engaging and well-paced or does it drag on? Aim for eight seconds to capture the viewer’s attention.
  • Include your URL in your video to drive your viewers to action
  • Add a text box to your video during editing to display your website.    
  • Take advantage of branding opportunities by adding the company logo  
  • Embed the video on your website

Get Your Videos Out There!

Launching a successful video campaign not only requires the ability to produce high-quality video media, but it also requires you to properly promote and bring awareness to the video before and during the launch of the video online itself. Implementing a few tips and tricks along with professional services can ensure you maximize the reach you get with any type of video you share online, whether it is brand-related or personal.
Build Excitement and Awareness
Building excitement and awareness about an upcoming video release is highly recommended when you want to get as much exposure as possible regardless of the video’s content. Create new hashtags that represent your video, utilizing specific keywords or a message you want to share with your followers and online audience.
Working With the Right Video Production Professionals
When you want your video production done properly, consider the option of working together with professionals such as those from Cut ‘n Run Studios out of Pittsburgh, PA. Working with video production professionals is a way to ensure your final cut of any video you create is high-quality and worth your investment.
Uploading Your Video Online
After video production is complete, uploading your video online using YouTube is the first step to getting publicity necessary for success with a video campaign. If you have a more creative or unique video, it is also advisable to consider joining the Vimeo community, where it is also free to upload videos. Uploading your video to YouTube is one of the quickest ways to share video media content within browsers and mobile devices, optimizing your video campaign for all visitors and users interested in your content.
Selecting the Right Thumbnail for Your Video
Be sure to review the thumbnails that are available for your video before selecting one. Avoid choosing a thumbnail including a close-up of a face or an unidentified object or individual. Instead, choose a thumbnail that is bright, inviting or that captures a message or information about the video itself. Using a clear thumbnail that is also interesting or leaves a bit of mystery is another way to gain traction with page views and visitors to your content.
Choosing Ideal Keywords to Your Video’s Metadata
Choosing keywords wisely for your video is also essential for proper promotion. Include relevant keywords and phrases with less than two to three words to maximize optimization within the metadata of YouTube and search engines including Google and Bing.
Consistent Promotion of Your Video Using Social Media
Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube and Vimeo you can begin sharing your content immediately with plugins and social media sharing buttons, giving you the ability to instantly reach hundreds and thousands of users worldwide simultaneously.
Having an understanding of how to properly launch a video with maximum reach and exposure online is a way to expedite the process of sharing new media and gaining new traction with promotions and when sharing your content with others. The more time and effort you put in to promoting each of the videos you want to share with your audience, the more impact and influence you are likely to have altogether.

Storing Your Images is Very Important

Modern videos are stored as digital files that can be very large. Many people are also converting older formats into digital files because they do not degrade. Something you might be concerned about is storing video images in a safe way. You should understand some of the benefits and drawbacks of different video storage options.
Internal Hard Drives
Internal hard drives are the default storage medium for many people. These are the drives inside desktop systems or laptops. Internal drives are a good place to store video for everyday use. They are commonly used by professional video production companies when performing editing and post-production work. They are not an option for long-term storage. Hardware, software and power issues can all destroy data on an internal drive. Videos on internal hard drives should be backed up in at least one other location.
Memory Cards and Thumb Drives
Many video devices and even some converters use memory cards. Thumb drives are larger versions of memory cards that use the same solid-state technology. Memory cards and thumb drives are good options for storing video images since they are stable media. They do require proper storage and care in order to protect the data. Additionally, memory cards and thumb drives have a limited number of reads and writes. They will eventually fail if used too much.
CDs and DVDs
CDs and DVDs are two of the most common ways to store video images. Professional video production services like Cut ‘n Run Studios in Pittsburgh, PA produce high-quality output on this type of media. CDs and DVDs are a good choice for making backups of existing video files. They do take a long time to create and can contain errors due to the burning process. The advantage is that CDs and DVDs are inexpensive, resistant to damage and easy to store.
External Hard Drives
External hard drives are independent devices that attach to a computer or laptop through a cable. These drives can be incredibly large and hold terabytes of data. There are even special external drives used by video production professionals that work at a high speeds to make editing and transfers simpler. External hard drives are a good choice because they are large, easy to use and portable. The downside is that they are hard to share and could experience technical problems after a decade or more.
Cloud-Based Storage Options
Another option is cloud-based storage though a service. Videos can be kept in an off-site location that is accessible from anywhere over the Internet. This is a safe and stable option. The main drawback is that it can take a very long time to transfer videos to cloud storage service since they need to be uploaded over the Internet.
Consider Professional Media Transfers
It is important to convert any older formats to digital files for storage. Video production companies like Cut ‘n Run Studios out of Pittsburgh can convert nearly any analog format into digital files. Those files can then be copied, backed up and stored in a variety of ways. It is far easier and more reliable to store these valuable old videos as digital files since older tapes and other analog formats are likely to degrade and become irretrievable at some point.