Live Streaming
If you’re trying to reach a new audience, but have a limited budget and equipment, live streaming is a great way to attract more people to your event or presentation. It’s budget-friendly, but can get you incredible results. Our Pittsburgh live streaming clients like the options that live-streaming and on-demand video offers.
Live Streaming and On-Demand Advantages
Reach a Wider Audience for a Fraction of the Price
You can connect with thousands of new people using live streaming services. You’re no longer limited to only those who are at an event or gathering. Now, anyone with a computer, tablet, or smart phone can view your event. Instead of advertising an event and hoping that people show up, you can offer an audience a convenient second option: watch professional video from wherever you are.
Generate Revenue
An audience can watch your event live, and if you’d like, they can pay for that privilege. Streaming large sporting events, dance recitals, and school musical and theater productions can help you offset the costs of running these kinds of shows. You can also make your event a subscription or on-demand option by giving them the opportunity to view events, shows, or presentations later at set price. It’s another way to subsidize costs. Additionally, you can promise sponsors prominent commercials or advertisements on any of these videos.
Bring Your Audience Together
If you are showcasing an event that you want an audience to see live—like a wedding, concert, or football game—streaming video services are an easy way to include those both near and far. Instead of just the people in the room, the auditorium, or stadium, you’ll instead be able to allow folks overseas (or anywhere) to see exactly what everyone else is seeing. For those who can’t travel due to health, financial constraints, or military service, live streaming gives them the opportunity to be a part of the action—or of the moment.
Professionally Capture Important Moments
Many entertainment or sporting events take place on a field or a stage. It’s a very large area to cover, and requires a multi-camera set up with refined audio control. Professional video also can include live edits, commentators, graphics, text, and sponsor and commercial production. It can be done on-the-spot or added later for on-demand text, and can be used in place of video that was once only saved to DVD. For instance, if you need a video that will be sent to a college sports recruiting department, you don’t have to create DVDs anymore. You just need a video with the right footage that you can put on your website with a link. The process is now streamlined and professional—and available on any device.
If you need professionally-edited videos of live events or ones that can be called up on demand, contact Cut ‘N’ Run Studios. We cover many Pittsburgh events, as well as any in Eastern Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, or other nearby states.