BSidesPGH 2022 Live Stream


Since 2019, Cut ‘N’ Run has been asked to help provide live streaming services for the BSidesPGH events hosted at the Rivers Casino Event Center. We devise a plan to record two separate “tracks”, or presentation spaces, for simultaneous speaker sessions to be recorded and streamed. 


During our initial meetings with the client, we formulate our strategy from top to bottom starting to where we are going to set up to how we are going to stream multiple presentations at the same time in various spaces throughout the venue. We deploy two teams of camera operators and technical directors to control the production. The presenters have control over advancing their own slides which are displayed on the in-house projectors while viewers online can see the switch between the speakers and presentation slides. We have used both vMix and ATEM switcher systems to accomplish the setups. 


We live stream these events to both Facebook and YouTube. The post-action work includes editing each speaker’s portion of the event into their own independent video for easier playback and archiving in case any of the topics spoken are of particular interest to the viewer.