Minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh | 704 ft² Studio Space

1532 Beechview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Studio Space with White Cyc Wall

Studio Space with Green Cyc Wall

At Cut ‘N’ Run Productions our studio space has recently been painted with Rosco’s Chroma Key Green paint.

We are open to painting our cyc wall to fit your needs. We can also provide paper backdrops in various colors.

We recently installed a mounted track to our ceiling so we can utilize our Kessler Slider at an elevated angle for even more creative shooting options. 

Spare Rooms for Staging, MUA etc.

Wide Door for Easy Load In

Navigating the Facility

Camera and Lens Packages

At Cut ‘N’ Run Productions, we operate with a Canon C200 or R5 C with various lens options.  Other camera bodies, such as Alexa and Sony, and lenses for still photography or other video production are available by request.

Cinematic Sliders, Gimbals, Supports, and More

A Kessler Shuttle Dolly with a Cineshooter can get you dreamy shots including special effects that would not be achievable without such equipment.  A handheld gimbal is great for those long tracking shots in any scenario.  Cut ‘N’ Run has various camera support options for every need.

Remote Control Room

Our control room features multiple types of switchers and audio mixers for a full multi-camera in-studio shoot with sound engineering all at a remote location within the studio to save on space and to remain at a safe distance.