Chester Volunteer Fire Department


Chester VFD in Chester, WV hosts a massive in-person and online raffle each year called the Fall Bash. In 2024, they added an additional event in the spring. They request that Cut ‘N’ Run helps with broadcasting the event to viewers who purchased tickets to win cash and prizes all over the world. The Fall Bash is hosted outside of Mountaineer Casino and the Spring Bash is at their fire hall.


The Chester FVD Spring and Fall Bash includes millions of dollars in cash and prizes to be won. Cut ‘N’ Run assists by providing cameras in a picture-in-picture format to show the winning numbers as well as the ball machines for security that there is no foul play at hand. We provide backdrops, uplights, audio, 70 inch TVs, and cameras to broadcast to a live audience as well as an international audience. We also incorporate a live updating data sheet into the feed so you can see which prizes are being announced as well as the winning numbers being announced.


The streams are embedded on the Chester VFD website as well as so people who cannot attend can watch online. In 2023’s event, we captured tons of B roll to create a teaser video to highlight the event for the following year trying to encourage more guests to attend and partake in the fun.

Click here to visit their website and purchase tickets for next event!