Made Men Promotions


Cut ‘N’ Run established a working relationship with Angelo Magnone, the promoter for the organization Made Men Promotions, via networking through other boxing promotions. He tasked us with putting on a full production for his event on January 29, 2022 titled Rivers Rumble XII at the Rivers Casino Events Center.


After weeks of meetings, planning, and building the show, we were able to produce a three-camera live switch that included a PTZ camera which was built into the events center. The Rivers was able to send an ISO feed to their in-house projectors with the fight card before each match and switch over to the show feed during the matches.

We worked together with a DJ for in-house entertainment and also deployed a multi-angle replay system, up-to-date graphic overlays, and an audio mix to ensure quality sound throughout the night.


The fights were streamed via pay-per-view to the Made Men Promotions website as well as their Facebook page, expanding the reach to as wide of an audience as possible for this type of broadcast. Upon completion of the event, Cut ‘N’ Run provided videos of each fight individually for further pay-per-view offerings.