The Pittsburgh Thunderbirds were in need of live streaming as well as additional video services to add to their existing broadcast production. The team’s owner reached out to Cut ‘N’ Run in hopes that we can solve their broadcast demands.


CNR Productions provided live multi-camera coverage with instant replay for all home games in the 2016 season. We helped grow the online audience by streaming through various social media outlets. Commercials and game highlights were also produced to help promote home games.


The games are broadcast onĀ watchufa.tv as a paid subscription. A team on the backend working for the UFA stays in communication during the games and pushes the stream live soon before the first pull.


The UFA main video producer watches each game across the league every week and provides grades for each local broadcast team. The feedback helps improve each production for throughout the season so every city’s broadcast can get better and become standardized for the league.

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