Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association wanted a solution to broadcast their two-day event without immense costs.  The event features a car show, interviews and multiple races featuring vintage cars competing in a unique city street race track in Schenley Park. Cut ‘N’ Run offered an elaborate setup to cover the races and events using multiple cameras positioned throughout the race.  For interviews, a stage was setup.  In between live races and interviews, pre-recorded content was aired from Cut ‘N’ Run’s studio to keep the audience watching on TV and the internet entertained. 

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association’s events are used to raise funds to help provide support for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Western PA.  With this in mind, the association needed to find a cost-effective solution to produce and broadcast the races and events.  

Offering the event to watch live by anyone around the world, the event expanded viewership while generating funds to the association’s cause.


Multiple cameras were positioned throughout the race track at Schenley Park in Pittsburgh.  A drone also provided an aerial view of the race.  The cameras were transmitted from Schenley Park back to our studios in Beechview where the director switched the camera feeds to seamlessly follow the action.  The multicam live stream featured live graphics, commercials, pre-recorded content, replays and advertisements. 

Communications from our crew at the race location to our crew back at the studio was handled through two-way radios programmed off repeaters. 

The event and races were broadcast live to the web, social media and broadcast television.

In addition to the races, a stage was setup for interviews with event participants and racers.  The stage featured handheld microphones for the on-air guests and a two-camera setup.  The interviews were both featured live and recorded for use later in the broadcast.

Instant statistics were also directly wired to the master station in order to display accurate rankings and times. 

Along with the live stream and broadcast, the event was also featured live on monitors placed throughout the park so guests could watch the broadcast live on location.


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix was able to provide their fans at home, around the world and at the event the ability to watch each race and interviews.  

With the event coverage, the association now has a tool they can use to help expand their marketing efforts with the goal to expand advertising opportunities and ultimately more funds raised for their charities.


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix’s races and events during their two-day event broadcast live on TV, online, social media and monitors placed throughout the park.  Snippets and replays of the races and events were made available for their website and social media, including their YouTube channel.



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