Triesta Organics


Cut ‘N’ Run was hired by Triesta Organics to introduce and brand the product line with a series of videos that would be featured on their website and on broadcast television. The pre-production process was lengthy as the line required a specific image in order to justify the high price. Some of the comical, empathetic, or traditional commercial formats were tossed aside to focus on the elegance and natural ingredients of the product. Photography was also requested in order to effectively display the products and results on the website.


Shot in one day in-studio, the crew worked diligently to ensure production could be completed within the allotted time frame. The crew consisted of a hair and makeup artist, photographer with a Canon 5D Mark III, a videographer with a RED Helium 8K, director, and production assistants. Punch LED lights were rented as well as large fans to introduce motion in the model’s hair for a high-fashion type shoot.


The final videos were delivered and embedded from Vimeo and hosted on the client’s webpage. The commercial spots were delivered in ProRes HQ format for television broadcast. Photos were downloaded from a Google Drive link and web-ready duplicates were included for the development of the website