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A Snippet of the EMSDC–A Recent Production

The Eastern Minority Supplier Diversity Council, or EMSDC, is northeastern division of the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council, or NMSDC. They bridge the gap between large corporations and small, minority-owned businesses. Each year, the EMSDC hosts R.O.A.R. (Return on All Relationships) conferences throughout the region. They are large matchmaking conferences to connect major businesses with minority business owners. Each event features prominent success stories from minority speakers as well as information on how to grow their small businesses.

With Cut ‘N’ Run being minority-owned, we are a perfect fit for providing video and marketing services for all types of businesses within the EMSDC’s network of partners and sponsors.

Attendees Collaborate at Round Table at 2019 ROAR Event in Atlantic City Hotel

Our last production with the EMSDC took place in Atlantic City, NJ. We created both photography and video content for their marketing campaigns, as well as a podcast featuring attendees and staff members of the EMSDC.

Attendees Excitedly Pose in Front of Ideas Board at 2019 ROAR Event in Atlantic City Hotel

Why You Need Corporate Video Production Strategies

Corporate Video Production Strategies
Spreading your business’ message in multiple ways will increase your chances of having your message noticed. Implementing a corporate video production strategy, for instance, is one of the best ways to reach the most people with only one source. There are many various purposes supporting the creation of corporate videos, but there are three main reasons which clearly depict stark benefits.
Each of Your Consumers Prefer Receiving Information in Various Ways
When it comes to informing your clients and customers about your business or other corporate video topics, no one form of representation will work for everyone. Yet, videographic forms of information appeal to many different audiences. For instance, educating your audience through corporate videos can be done using methods which appeal to all types of learners. This not only increases the types of customers reviewing the video, but also increases the number of customers understanding the information, as well.
Videos are Greatly Beneficial to Your Corporation’s Search Engine Results
Not only can corporate videos help you to get your message across and understood, business videos will also increase your corporation’s traceability on search engines. Google, for example, incorporates videos into their search results, as well as standard links. Therefore, not only will your business’ website, articles, and other informative links load, full corporate business videos will load in search results, as well.
Corporate Videos Offer an Ease of Sharing Your Business Information
One of the best things about videos, especially corporate business videos is their shareability. Videos can be embedded into business blogs and other web pages, as well as shared through Facebook and other social media at the click of button. This allows for the video to be promotional as well as informative and entertaining.
No matter the message of your business, a corporate video strategy is one of the best ways to get that message across to your consumers. Contact our expert team at Cut ‘N’ Run Studios of Pittsburgh for information on making good use of a corporate video for your business. We will meet all of your corporate video production needs from start to finish.