Training Videos vs. Corporate Trainers
Corporate or business training is a necessary expense for most companies small or large. Like with any expense, companies seek alternative ways to reduce cost. Training videos provide a one time expense rather than a re-occurring salary for trainers. They eliminate payroll, travel, language conversion, and any other additional charges onsite training incurs. Companies using video streaming and training increased new product introductions by 20 percent while cutting expenses by 22 percent. Employees were also work ready 16% faster.<!–more–>
One of the main advantages of video training is the versatility between mediums like DVD, PowerPoint and internet. Equipment operation and procedures require special handling and instructions. Videos enhance specific steps with narration, text, and slow motion. These segments can be utilized in the future and assist in avoiding possible injury and equipment malfunction. Training videos not only replace the need of a trainer but also act as learning tool and point of reference.
In a recent QUMU Corporation survey, 94% of employees acknowledged the benefits of video training.
Vern Hanzlik, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Qumu: “Video is a fantastic way to engage people who work in retail stores. When you think about the demographic of store employees, you are looking at a huge number of Digital Natives whose lives revolve around You Tube, social channels, mobile and connected experiences.”