Live MMA Broadcasts
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) live events generate huge audiences—and incredible revenue. Streaming an MMA live event will bring a much wider audience to your event and keep them watching during the entire fight. This is important not only for the sport, but for the promoters. The longer your audience watches, the more advertising they’ll see from your sponsors.
How to Choose an Experienced Studio for Live MMA Events
If you’d like to live stream your MMA event to your website (and maybe you’d like to offer special content to subscribers or create an on-demand video), you should look for a studio and staff:
Who Have Experience Streaming Live Broadcasts
The right streaming production company will draw in larger and more diverse paying audiences. Many companies are new to the streaming world, and don’t have a background in video production. In our experience, video production knowledge is critical to streaming live events. Be sure to ask a studio how many events they’ve streamed and what their video production background is like. Also ask to see several of the shows they have streamed online. These shows should include graphics, promotions, interactive elements (such as asking the audience to tweet about viewing the fight, along with a particular hashtag), interviews of MMA fighters, and sponsor commercials, to name a few.
Who Have a One-Stop Shop
Choose a studio that will not only record and stream your live MMA broadcasts, but will handle all of the graphics, commercials, promotions, and sound effects. There’s no reason to hire piecemeal production staff for different services when just one experienced studio will do. Cut ‘N’ Run Studios handles all aspects of a live streaming MMA event, from DVEs, to stingers, to instant replays.
Who Have a System in Place for Live Streaming Capabilities
Quality live streaming is dependent not only on staff, but also on specialized equipment. We use this equipment to keep your live production running smoothly while streaming your event to anywhere in the world. We can also produce pay-per-view and on-demand options that allow subscribers to watch the event on their computer or any mobile device.
Don’t leave your live MMA event in the hands of an inexperienced video studio. Use a professional, experienced, and reputable company like Cut ‘N’ Run Studios that has years of experience with live streaming video services for MMA fights.