Public Speaking Events
Many companies are now turning to live streaming corporate or educational speaking engagements for far-flung audiences. They are also recording them for future use, either for free, for a flat fee, or for a subscription base that they communicate with regularly.
From sales presentations, to sermons, to corporate quarterly reports, a live streaming presentation for a public speaker can open your audience and allow them to view it at that moment—or later on. Live streaming production services offer you a lot of options for your brand. Whether you’d like to introduce a new product or service, educate a group of people on a certain issue, or discuss the latest news for your company’s employees, you can develop a presentation that can earn a profit or that can raise awareness.
Our public speaking live streaming events have included talks, speeches and discussions at:
  • Conferences
  • Training seminars
  • Orientations
  • Awards banquets
  • Online courses    
  • And many more events
Experienced Studios Can Produce for Your Live Streaming Public Speaking Event
A studio should offer you professional streaming video for your speaking presentation that can include music, multimedia, commercials, interviews, and more. If you let the studio know what your goals are with the live presentation, they should be able to help you decide if the event should be streamed live or for free.
Offer Your Speaking Engagement for Free
Many government and non-profit organizations promote services, products, and educational events through live streaming. It’s an easy way for media to watch and report on the latest in the world of technology and other sectors. You can add a username and password screen that only allows certain people to view the presentation live or to view it later on-demand. If you have sponsors, they can be highlighted through audio and video at the beginning and end of the streaming video, or they can be added to commercials.
Offer Your Speaking Engagement for a Fee for a Main Audience or Subscribers
Many companies or group use live streaming to generate a profit from audiences who can’t be there in person. Your audience simply inputs their credit card information, and then they are given access to view your public speaker. You can choose to provide an entire conference to your viewers, or just let them choose certain sessions that interest them.
Of course, you should also have the ability to have your event streamed to any mobile-friendly device. With smart phones and tablets used for a majority of browsing, this simple feature will help to increase your audience.
Cut ‘N’ Run Studios near downtown Pittsburgh can live stream your educational, non-profit, or corporate public speaking event. We have years of experience and can help you set up an informational and profitable engagement. Call or contact us today.