Live Video Production
Video production may be creative fun, but there are actually a few golden rules to proper video production. By incorporating the following guidelines from our Pittsburgh video production services at Cut ‘N’ Run, and adding your own creative story, your video production will be a success.
Define Your Audience
Until you define your audience, it is difficult to know how to express the direction your video is going in. Think about what kinds of people you are aiming to reach. Are your video viewers children, adults, or of an age in between, for instance? Then, ponder the best way to target those specific people. Without first knowing whom it is your trying to reach, there would be no way to begin figuring out the best way to reach them.
Make an Emotional Connection
Once you know your audience type and how to reach them, you must ensure that your video production connects emotionally with your audience. Once one feels related to something—especially something deep, such as sharing an emotion—one automatically becomes attached and intrigued by it. To make a connection by sharing a story’s emotion with those you are making the video for, it to successfully have your story shared, recognized and related to.
Show, Don’t Tell
The best way to relay your story is to show your audience the story, rather than tell them the story. For instance, if you are contemplating on a scene of dialogue of skipping to the point through narration, in most cases it is best to go with using dialogue. Instead of telling your audience that he said, “This,” and she said, “That,” show the scene of these characters having a conversation (unless it is useless information which does not support the story line at all, in that case it is not even needed). Basically, if you show your story and make a connection, it will tell itself. Yet, if you tell your story, it does not always show your intent nor make emotional connections.
Video production is great for both personal and professional creations. Pittsburgh business videos are an appealing way to advertise your business and its message. Videos are also a great way to support a cause, promote anything, and simply for creative fun. No matter what your goal is with your video production, if you follow the above golden rules us at Cut ‘N’ Run have provided, your video will be on its way to success.